CD review ENVENOMED ‘The Walking Shred’

(7/10) Australian Heavy Metal has a solid home base in Down Under. Bands like Mortal Sin paved the way for many (Thrash) Metal bands and it’s of course legendary AC/DC and Rose Tattoo that brought the fifth continent on everybody's Rock radar. Nowadays it’s the next generation, being in the starting blocks for their Metal... Continue Reading →

CD review NIGHTQUEEN ‘Seduction’

(7/10) Nightqueen from Genk, Belgium is a new member on El Puerto Records' roster. 'Seduction' is decisive third longplayer of the sextet from the Benelux and features twelve songs that are rooted on Power Metal. Nightqueen is the brainchild of guitarist Rex Zeco who founded the band in the early 2000s. What started as a... Continue Reading →

CD review NECRONOMICON ‘Unleashed Bastards’

(7/10) A few days ago German thrashers Necronomicon unveiled their newest album. 'Unleashed Bastards' is already album number nine in the band's discography. Things took its course in 1986 when the debut 'Necronomicon' has been released, followed by two additional records. Things slowed down in the 90's before Necronomicon gained speed again in the first decade of... Continue Reading →

CD review UNDERTOW ‘Reap the Storm’

(9/10) A lot of things happened since Undertow released their seventh album „In Deepest Silence“. A line-up change took place in 2017 when longtime member Thomas Jentsch left Undertow and a successor needed to be found rather quickly. At that time recording activities have been planned already and things shouldn‘t face major delays. Fortunately Andreas... Continue Reading →

Track-by-Track: UNDERTOW ‘Reap the Storm’

German metal veterans Undertow spend quite some time in the studio for recording their next power strike, entitled 'Reap the Storm'. The album will be released on September 21st, via El Puerto Records.  Markus 'Brandy' Brand and Joachim 'Joschi' Baschin spend some time with Markus Heavy Music Blog and did a track-by-track session, giving more... Continue Reading →

CD review BLOODLOST ‘Diary of Death’

(7/10) Switzerland is known for some good rock and hard rock bands as well as their striking extreme metal scene with bands like Celtic Frost, Messiah and Triptycon in forefront. It’s not that many thrash metal bands that could gain a widened popularity beyond Swiss borders. The legendary prog thrashers Drifter have been one of... Continue Reading →

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