CD review NECRONOMICON ‘Unleashed Bastards’

(7/10) A few days ago German thrashers Necronomicon unveiled their newest album. ‘Unleashed Bastards’ is already album number nine in the band’s discography.

Things took its course in 1986 when the debut ‘Necronomicon’ has been released, followed by two additional records. Things slowed down in the 90’s before Necronomicon gained speed again in the first decade of the 21st century. Four longplayers has been released since then with the newest one that just arrived at the record stores.

‘Unleashed Bastards’ is a wild piece of work, delivering thrash metal that partly reminds of bands like Destruction. The album combines an oldschool vibe with a modern sound. The opener ‘Burn and Fall’ with its melodic guitar parts reflect it very well. Furthermore, it’s the nice tempo changes and slightly hoarse vocals of frontman Freddy. Necronomicon pushes the pedal to the metal with tracks like ‘Imperial Hunger’, which is a real riff inferno.

But also more epic tunes found a spot on the tracklist. ‘Malevolent’ is such a song, starting slow and creepy before shifting towards a dark and sinister thrash anthem the German way. It’s a bit of Kreator that could have delivered the blueprint for this song, which isn’t a bad reference at all.

To conclude: ‘Unleashed Bastards’ is a well-crafted thrash metal album that might not redefine a whole genre, but has enough power to end up in many metal collections.





  1. Burn and Fall
  2. Leave the Lights On
  3. Total Rejection
  4. Malevolent
  5. We Did We Do
  6. Imperial Hunger
  7. My Name is Vengeance
  8. Forbid Me from
  9. Living
  10. Unleashed


Label: El Puerto

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: September 28th, 2018




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