CD review GINGER RED ‘Donuts and Coffee’

(7/10) The first thing you recognize when activating Google for a search for ‘ginger red’ is that you get a lot of links, most of them not leading you to this German rock outfit. It took a bit time to get some research material and the label info provided of course some good information too.

So, Ginger Red is a German hardrock band that releases with ‘Donuts and Coffee’ their new album. ‘Donuts and Coffee’ doesn’t reinvent the wheel or better hardrock. What fuels the rock’n’roll heart of founder/guitarist Tom Weise, Waldi Bracht (g), Michael Stein (d), Jay Woodman (b) and singer ‘The Mad’ is a passion for melodic rock music.

The ten songs on ‘Donuts and Coffee’ laser in on hardrock in a wider sense. While the title track reminds of a harder Heart song it’s the catchy ‘Deep Silence’ that might be attractive for mainstream rockers. The band shifts ‘Twelve Lonely Steps’, an uptempo song that bridges rock and metal. Another song to mention is ‘So What’. The song reminded me in parts of Swedish Drain STH, esp. in the melancholic verse.

To spice up the album, bandleader Tom Weise activated his solid network, leading to guest contributions of guys like Manni Schmidt (ex-Rage, Refuge) and Chris Green of Tyketto.

There are basically two reasons why this album could be interesting for fans of solid hardrock. There is a great sense for catchy melodies and it is the passionate way the songs are performed, both being the key ingredients for an entertaining album.





  1. Come Close
  2. Idolmaker
  3. Donuts and Coffee
  4. So What
  5. Deep Silence
  6. Loving My Chains
  7. Song of Love
  8. Twelve Lonely Steps
  9. The Edge of Time
  10. Get Down


Label: El Puerto

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: October 26th, 2018

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