CD review PENDULUM OF FORTUNE ‘Return to Eden’

(7/10) Some of you might have heard about Pendulum Of Fortune already but I guess that most of you aren’t familiar with this new band. Pendulum Of Fortune is the brainchild of drummer Bodo Schopf, known from bands like Michael Schenker Group, Eloy and others. He teamed-up with no less than David Readman, bass player Franky R. (Kingdom Come, Vandenplas) and guitarist Vladimir Shevyakov and formed Pendulum Of Fortune. A bit later Matze Erhardt (g/key) joined the band and with him on board, things were ready to go for, working on ‘Return to Eden’.

The quintet focuses on hard rock music, inspired by classic rock heroes like Deep Purple and others. That’s where the roots are and that’s where the inspiration comes from, with the opener ‘Diamonds in the Rough’ being a perfect kick start for the new album.

The uptempo rocker leads to ‘We Stand for ‘Rock’n’Roll’. The very rhythm-based song for sure inhales the spirit of rock’n’roll before it’s a cover song that shows the roots of the band. Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s ‘Lucky Man’ is done as a soulful song that meets the needs for such a classic.

The title track ‘Return to Eden’ is another song you should check out. It’s one of the darker moments on the album and it’s the emotional ballad ‘Don’t Make a Fool Out of Me’ that represents the musical width of this four piece band.  Deep Purple and Co. delivered the blueprint for this tune, a song that shines by Readman’s great vocals.

To balance the ballad-like moments there is enough firepower that comes with songs like ‘Gravy Train’ and the bluesy stomper ‘One of a Kind’. These tunes are the party anthems of the album, equipped with a good vibe.

To sum up: ‘Return to Eden’ is a well-crafted hard rock album, done by passionate musicians with a long musical vita. This album could be your soundtrack for the upcoming spring/summer BBQ-parties. Cheers.



  1. Diamond in the Rough
  2. We Stand for Rock’n’Roll
  3. Lucky Man
  4. Skin and Bones
  5. Return to Eden
  6. Wishing Well
  7. Never Be
  8. Don’t Make a Fool Out of Me
  9. Broken Universe
  10. Wings of a Dove
  11. Gravy Train
  12. Rockanini
  13. One of a Kind
  14. Bitter End

Label: El Puerto Records

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: March 8th, 2019



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