CD review SPIRITS OF FIRE ‘Spirits of Fire’

(8/10) It happened already more than once in the past that Frontiers Music connected renowned musicians either to re-activate a spirit from the past or to create something new. This time the label went for the latter with starting a band called Spirits Of Fire.

Tim Ownens, Chris Caffery, Steve DiGiorgio and Mark Zonder are well-sounding names, all connected to real heavy metal. These four guys, together with Roy Z. at the helm, recorded an album, simply entitled ‘Spirits of Fire’.

With these four guys in the lead the result of their cooperation can’t end on another spot than a cool heavy metal record with an oldschool vibe. Spirits Of Fire’s debut is a strong one. The album and its eleven songs include a solid punch with tracks like the galloping ‘All Comes Together’ being inspired by the sound of Savatage.

The epos on this longplayer is entitled ‘A Game’, a song that comes with more than 6 minutes of length. Starting slow and sinister, the anthemic tune turns into powerful and moderate paced one with Tim Owens showing his entire vocal range.

Enriched by uptempo tracks like ‘Light Speed Marching’ – nomen et omen – and the fast ‘Stand and Fight’ the longplayer is a delight for fans of traditional heavy metal. All prerequisites for a good metal record are in place when it comes to ‘Spirits of Fire’, so better train your neck muscles before pressing the ‘Start’-button. You will need them.



  1. Light Speed Marching
  2. Temple of the Soul
  3. All Comes Together
  4. Spirits of Fire
  5. It’s Everywhere
  6. A Game
  7. Stand and Fight
  8. Meet Your End
  9. Never To Return
  10. The Path
  11. Alone In the Darkness

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: February 22nd, 2019


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