Track-by-Track: UNDERTOW ‘Reap the Storm’

German metal veterans Undertow spend quite some time in the studio for recording their next power strike, entitled ‘Reap the Storm’. The album will be released on September 21st, via El Puerto Records.  Markus ‘Brandy’ Brand and Joachim ‘Joschi’ Baschin spend some time with Markus Heavy Music Blog and did a track-by-track session, giving more insides about the songs that made it on the album.


Floating (Intro):
Brandy: ‘Floating’ was planned as a full-lenth song. Since we were not really satisfied with it while rehearsing, Oliver ‘Kuddl’ Rieger came up with the idea to use the hookline as an intro. A great idea that worked wonderfully! As a background, I wanted to have some sea-breakers, but that did not fit the title ‘Reap the Storm’.

Zero Type X:
Joschi: This song is about dictators and slaver drivers who force their way through things, oppressing people and let nothing get them off their aim.

Reap the Storm:
Brandy: The riffs were done by me. Sequence,… have been done by Joschi, Kuddl and myself in the rehearsal room. Last but not least it was Andreas ‘Hundi’ Hund and I who came with the idea to add sirens at the beginning and at the end. The lyrics are about the criminal case Dudley and Stephens from 1884, which was about cannibalism after a shipwreck and how this was justified. The case had triggered a veritable storm between judicial decision and public opinion.


Brandy: This is probably the song that has evolved the most during the songwriting process. Joschi came along with the riff for verse and chorus. After we worked on the song for quite a long time, I last but not least had the idea to bring the final melody of the solo in a modified form to the beginning of the song. That actually led to discussions in the studio about whether to do it or not. But thank God, it is on the record hahahaha!

Thieves & Liars:
Joschi: A somewhat complex topic from a professional point of view. Social Psychiatry vs. old psychiatric structures. How does a mentally ill person feel and which method is the best way to do deal with it? Is it to support this person accordingly without having to lie to him or is it even having to deprive him of his freedom. The first part of the chorus was rewritten during the vocal recordings in the studio and the idea came from Roger (Grüninger), our producer.

Crown of Scars:
Brandy: I wrote the song in one of my darkest hours. It’s about separation, loss & remorse, but it’s also about not to lose faith in yourself, even after having made own mistakes. Actually, the title should have been “Teeth on Edge”, but then I thought of ‘Crown of Scars’ being more powerful.

Eleven Hours:
Joschi: The song is more than 6 years old and actually it should have been on the last album. It comes with some very personal lyrics. I describe the feeling of becoming a father, which happiness it brings, but also the uncertainty that comes with it.

Trails For the Blind:
Brandy: The main riff was written by Joschi. It was the first new song we finished after having released the ‘In Deepest Silence’ album. It is about perceiving oneself and one’s environment more conscious. Focusing on the essentials of life and getting rid of things that are unimportant.
“Remember what you wanted
It’s just a waste of time!
These are the trails for all the blind
Obedient slaves to the grind”

Joschi: People are always prone to dissatisfaction. They are constantly moaning and complaining, regardless of how good their lives are. Instead of setting themselves the goal of learning from setbacks and gaining new strength, many drown in self-pity.

I Turn To You:
Joschi: Our cover song on this disc. It was written by Mel C. and is from 1999. The song fascinated me very much back then. It was already planned for a long time to cover the song, but it never worked out really well. The plan has always been to make a doom version of it. Now it worked. Lyrically it’s about love and trust.

Dunning Kruger:
Joschi: A text written by Tom (Jentsch). The Dunning-Kruger effect is a misguided tendency of relatively incompetent people to overestimate their own capabilities and underestimate the competence of others. Someone who’s really good in this is expressed very well by the sentence “… you trumping all around!”

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