CD review CAULDRON ‘New Gods’

(8/10) Toronto, Ontario is the homebase of rock and metal outfit Cauldron, a band that is around since 2006. The guys are a regular guest on the release schedule overview with in total four albums that saw the light of day to date.

After ‘In Ruin’ hit the shelves in 2016 it was time for some new songs, and here they are. Cauldron launches with ‘New Gods’ their fifth studio album, featuring nine songs. The band returned to work with producer Chris Stringer at Union Sound in Toronto, which led to a dynamic, powerful and organic sound.

I can report that this album doesn’t have any weak spot on the batting order. Each of the songs is a melodic and blistering metal anthem that has its roots in the earlier days of heavy metal. Cauldron added a modern flavour to these roots, leading to well-executed songs like ‘Drown’. Another song that stands out, at least for me, is ‘Letting Go’. From the first moment I was listening to the song, I felt reminded of Saigon Kick. It’s the melody, the vocal lines and catchy chorus that immediately brought the quintet from Florida to my mind.

To sum up. Cauldron fifth album is a beautiful metal release. It’s an easy thing to get into each of the songs. Melody, heaviness and dynamic are perfectly combined on this album that will definitely get additional spins on my recordplayer.





  1. Prisoner of the Past 
  2. Letting Go 
  3. No Longer 
  4. Save the truth – Syracuse 
  5. Never be found 
  6. Drown 
  7. Together as None
  8. Isolation 
  9. Last Request


Label: Dissonance Productions

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: September 7th, 2018

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