Live report IN FLAMES / WALKWAYS, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, 24.08.2018

As being part of In Flames European summer tour dates the band embarked on a two show journey in The Netherlands, before moving on to play the Reload Festival in Germany. After having played the Effenaar in Eindhoven the day before, the band travelled a few kilometres north, for performing a show at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht.

The opening slot for this show went to Walkways, which is a band that was new to me. The alternative metal band is hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel and some research showed me one longplayer the guys launched so far. The sophomore album is in the works and the guys used the momentum to spread the word about their music. Walkways earned a well-deserved applause after their 30 minutes performance, filled with breakdowns and brute riff power. The heavy-weight songs have been well received by In Flames fans and I assume that the energetic performance gave Walkways some new supporters. 

No doubt, almost everybody at TivoliVredenburg came for In Flames that night. Fans went bonkers when the band entered the stage. Starting with into the show with ‘My Sweet Shadow’, taken from the ‘Soundtrack to Your Escape’ album, was a great choice, igniting a metal firework.

Since the Pandora room at TivoliVredenburg isn’t the biggest one, In Flames had to reduce their light show, which is normally very well thought-through. I actually was reminded of a show the band played a few years ago at KB in Malmö. These smaller club shows have another dynamic and intensity and it seems like band and fans enjoyed the closeness a lot. It’s the music that’s the centrepiece and nothing else. The setlist had a focus on the more recent In Flames songs with 4 tracks coming from the last album ‘Battles’. But the extra-long setlist also went back in time further than what could be expected. With ‘Colony’ a song from the eponymic album was very much appreciated by everybody in the room, guiding everybody back to the 20th century In Flames. As usual In Flames shows are energetic and in full blast. Great songs, good sound and an experienced band can’t lead to anything else than a cool show and the Utrecht concert confirmed again why the veterans from Gothenburg belong to the spearhead of Swedish metal.



Setlist In Flames:

  1. My Sweet Shadow
  2. Pinball Map
  3. Delight and Angers
  4. Everything’s Gone
  5. Cloud Connected
  6. Fear is the Weakness
  7. Here until Forever
  8. Like You Better Dead
  9. Wallflower
  10. The Mirror’s Truth
  11. Only for the Weak
  12. Where the Dead Ships Dwell
  13. The Truth
  14. Alias
  15. Paralyzed
  16. Colony
  17. Take This Life
  18. Deliver Us
  19. The End


Location: TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Date: August 23rd, 2018


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