CD review SULPHER ‘No One Will Ever Know’

(8/10) Sulpher is a UK band that released up to date one album. The debut was entitled ‘Spray’ and is available since 2003. 15 years after the band debuted, Sulpher main men Rob Holliday and Monti have be are back with their sophomore release. ‘No One Will Ever Know’ is the title of 10 tracks album that stands for really cool alternative rock with a strong industrial component. While listening to the album I had to think more than once of Smashing Pumpkins (‘No One Will Ever Know’, ‘Feel Through’). This has partly to do with the vocals nut Sulpher has more to offer than that. The guys aren’t a reflection of Smashing Pumpkins. Their sound includes far more elements.

To show the width of Sulpher’s sound I would like to cruise to the middle of the tracklist. ‘Take a Long Hard Look’ belongs to the hardest songs on the album. Industrial roots meet heavy rock with a verse that couldn’t’ have been done much better by Ministry in the glorious days while the chorus brought up Life Of Agony to my mind. Not only that the track is the heaviest one on the album, it’s also a true highlight.

The contrast couldn’t be bigger than what follows this sonic assault. ‘Didn’t Ever’ is a calm and atmospheric song that’s mainly build on samples. It’s a relaxed groove and by that, is a counterpart to ’Take a Long Hard Look’. And then, when you start to feel comfortable with the hypnotic beat and begin to doze off the song takes a twist and explodes in the last 30 seconds.

I have missed Sulpher’s debut but I’m happy that I had a chance to listen to this album several times. ’No One Will Ever Know’ became an excellent industrial-/post-rock album that reflects the entire attraction of this genre. This album is to recommend.





  1. No One Will Ever Know
  2. Follow You Down
  3. Used
  4. You Threw It All Away
  5. Take a Long Hard Look
  6. Didn’t Ever
  7. Nothing
  8. Tomorrow
  9. Fell Through
  10. Feels like the End


Label: Oblivion/SPV

Genre: Industrial / Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: August 31st, 2018

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