CD review DARK BLUE INC. ‘Linked to Life’

(8/10) Dark Blue Inc. is an interesting outfit in many aspects. First of all it’s the band members, all with a longer track record in rock and metal. The band is the brain child of Bonfire and Sainted Sinner guitarist Frank Pané who teamed up with other well-known musicians. Göran Edman is known from bands like Malmsteen, Harry Reischmann was part of Bonfire too while Hal Patino is known from his days with King Diamond and Pretty Maids. The line-up’s completed by Andrea Vergori (key, g) and Lydia Pané (v).

This sextet recorded an album that comes with a wider range of sounds. Exemplary for the variation and fusion of sounds are the opener and the following ‘Time Will Never Wait’.

‘Dark Bue Overture’ is an instrumental that begins with bigger soundscapes, reminding of a movie soundtrack. The guitars makes you think of Pink Floyd before the song shifts to prog metal with heavier riffs in the second half. ‘Time Will Tell’ is next in line and adds catchiness to the mix. Edman and Pané share vocals and things go together very well. There’s again a certain prog aspect embedded in this eight minutes epos, but things never become too complex to follow. Songs before complexity.

Compared to the first two songs, ‘Karma Machine’ is much more spot-on and a well-crafted rock song. A highlight on ‘Linked to Life’ is for sure the anthemic ‘Sacred Sin’, combining melodies and rock spirit in a good fashion. Last but not least I want to briefly stand still at ‘Deep Blue Sea’, a song that includes a guest appearance of no less than drum legend Ian Paice. The fact that Deep Purple’s dummer contributed speaks volumes when it comes to the quality of music and songs.

‘Linked to Life’ is an album that might not be love on first side. Too many twists and influences demand patience. This album needs time to evolve and wants to be discovered step by step.



  1. Dark Blue Overture
  2. Time Will Never Wait
  3. Karma Machine
  4. Deep Blue Sea
  5. Linked to Life
  6. Sacred Sin
  7. Cold is the Night
  8. Island of Thoughts

Label: El Puerto Records

Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal

Release Date EU: April 25th, 2019


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