CD review KETZER ‘Cloud Collider’

(8/10) To a certain extend German metallers Ketzer become more and more an unpredictable outfit in the fields of black metal. After having release two savage albums it was the third longplayer, ‘Starless’, that has been like a curveball. The guys from Cologne readjusted their sound rather dramatically by adding a lot of atmospheric elements to their music, all with an underlying viciousness that manifested itself by the blood-curdling vocals of frontman Infernal Destroyer.

I must say that I really  like ‘Starless’ since it breaks with current boundaries and now it’s Ketzer’s newest longplayer ‘Cloud Collider’ that puts again some demand on fans. There’s a next adjustment coming with this album that can be described as the best out of two worlds. It’s the fierceness of the early days and the spirit of ‘Starless’ that comes together as supporting strengths. This approach delivers songs that take some time and I have to admit that the album left me in confusion after the first spin. However, the longplayer evolves over time and unveils a devilish vibe after a while, with songs like ‘Keine Angst’ being the perfect fusion of brutal metal with atmospheric breaks.

‘Could Collider’ is an album that impresses with its variations and twists. The moment you think you got it a next shift challenges again. The merciless ‘The Wind Brings Them Horses’ is followed by the hellish rolling ‘No Stories Left’ and it’s (The Taste of) Rust and Bones’ that unveils an almost primitive fierceness. As a contrast it’s the title track that takes a while to blossom in black. The song is more complex than some other stuff on the album, still being a highlight on a well-crafted album.

After overcoming my wrong expectation of a next ‘Starless’ album, Ketzer’s fourth record grew to a mean and evil masterpiece that shows diversity as well as it sticks to the death- and thrash metal roots.  



  1. The Machine
  2. Keine Angst
  3. Walls
  4. Cloud Collider
  5. Forever Death
  6. The Wind Brings The Horses
  7. No Stories Left
  8. The Knife Won’t Stay Clean Today
  9. (The Taste of) Rust and Bone
  10. Light Dies Last

Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: April 12th, 2019



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