CD review GRAND MAGUS ‘Wolf God’

(8/10) Grand Magus, that’s Heavy Metal hailing from the North since many years. The trio from Stockholm, Sweden started in 1996 and what was more Stoner/Doom in the beginning evolved to Heavy Metal rather quickly. The well-known ‘Iron Will’ album from 2008 paved the way for bigger success and in the meantime Grand Magus is a very well-established band in heavy metal.

Janne Chirstoffersson, Mats Fox Heden Skinner and Ludwig Witt created their very own sound in the fields of metal and that immediately can be identified as Grand Magus. JB’s excellent vocals and the fusion of harsh riffing and great hooks distinct the band from many others and makes also their ninth studio album to a treat for headbangers.

After being in business for more than two decades the risk of a standard approach is high. To break the pattern and add vitality to the table, the trio changed the way of recording for ‘Wolf God’. Instead of a waterfall-like recording (drums, bass, and guitar) the thundering new album was recorded in a live atmosphere with the three guys playing together. Since the band benefits from a rather consistent line-up things worked very well and it was mostly the first take that did the job.

Listening to ‘Wolf God’ shows the positive effect of this approach. Vitality and dynamic are keywords that describe the album best. Supported by a great sound, with Staffan Karlsson at the helm, ‘Wolf God’ is another successful addition to Grand Magus discography. Songs like the impressive titel track, the furious ‘Spear Thrower’and big ‘Glory to the Brave’ are outstanding metal hymns that will be loved by fans of the band. Grand Magus fully lives up to expectation and even exceed those partly. If you’re looking for a rock solid Metal blast that acts as wake-up call for your personal spring-lethargy, than this is the right album to go for. Turn the volume up and listen to the ‘Wolf God’. It’s definitely worth it.



  1. Gold and Glory
  2. Wolf God
  3. A Hall Clad in Gold
  4. Brother of the Strom
  5. Dawn by Fire
  6. Spear Thrower
  7. To Live and Die in Solitude
  8. Glory to the Brave
  9. He Sent Them All to Hell
  10. Untamed

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 19th, 2019



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