CD review ENFORCER ‘Zenith’

(8/10) It’s not new era Swedish metallers Enforcer are heading towards, but the new album is a significant change compared to what the guys released previously to ‘Zenith’.

If you listened to the first single release of the new longplayer you noticed changes. ‘Die For the Devil’ is throwing a lot of 80’s Sunset Stripe into the mix. Melodies, drum beat and riffs remind of a time when spandex trousers were very trendy, something the early records didn’t include.

In case you thought that this song was more the exception than the rule, you’re wrong. ‘Regret’ takes a similar route by adding the power ballad approach to the mix. This song’s more Hard Rock than Heavy Metal and for sure new territory for the Swedish speedsters.

‘Sail On’ shows a new side of Enforcer too. The tune has a funky and swinging vibe while ‘Forever We Worship the Dark’, with its galloping rhythm, reminds of softer version of bands like Sabaton. None of these songs are bad, but they are for sure different.

The album contains some more familiar stuff too. ‘Search for You’ is a high paced smasher, a song we know and could expect from Enforcer. ‘Thunder and Hell’ delivers too and will win oldschool fans over.

All in all I can conclude the Enforcer seems to be in a transition. ‘Zenith’ feels like an album that shows a band that’s on the move, which is generally spoken a good thing. ‘Zenith’ reflects a partly new approach that might not find a lot of appreciation with oldschool fans. However, songs are well-crafted and after getting rid of wrong expectations the album starts to make a lot of fun.



  1. Die For the Devil
  2. Zenith of the Black Sun
  3. Searching For You
  4. Regrets
  5. The End of a Universe
  6. Sail On
  7. One Thousand Years of Darkness
  8. Thunder and Hell
  9. Forever We Worship the Dark
  10. Ode to Death

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 26th, 2019



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