Live report ACCEPT and THE ORCHESTRA OF DEATH, Mehr!Theater am Grossmarkt, Hamburg – 22.04.2019

Easter 2019 in Germany, that’s a few days off, some sunny days out with the family and a special ‘Easter egg’, offered by German metal institution Accept.

Almost two years ago, in summer of 2017, Accept played a special show at Wacken festival. It was a set that featured next to Accept also the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and the setlist of this special Wacken night included Accept classics as well as classic music, metalized by Wolf Hoffmann and Co.. The show was later on released in various formats and it looked like that fans demanded for more.

This is the background of the ‘Symphonic Terror’-tour, which has one stop in Hamburg, Germany. On a summerly evening a lot of fans gathered outside of the venue, enjoying the last sun rays of a nice day that had the best still to come.

As with a theater show, bells signal the beginning of the concert that starts at 20:00 with a dramatic intro. The curtain opens and unveils a big stage, the band with its band leader, an orchestra and very well done light setting. And as the night is about the fusion of metal and classic, it’s with ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ a Mussorgsky composition, that was turned into a metal track and set the tone right away.

What becomes obvious with the first song is that Accept mainman Wolf Hoffmann has with violinist Ava-Rebekah Rahman a perfect counterpart for the classic parts while it is singer Mark Tornillo that takes this role for the Accept classic like ‘Fast as a Shark’, ‘Princess of the Dawn’ and many more.

It’s the classic songs that make fans rapt in contemplation, it’s the newer Accept songs like ‘Stalingrad’ that create excitement and it’s the old smashers that are the thrill. ‘Fast as Shark’ and ‘Balls to the Wall, both timeless classics, are placed towards the end of the set and are supported by a choir of fans that joined in for a sing-a-long. These are the moments that are a metal blast and songs any Accept show needs to include.

The idea of combining metal and classic isn’t a new one, but it still comes with a solid share of excitement, also thinking about the effort of re-arrangement of songs and the collaborative approach with including an orchestra. ‘Symphonic Terror’ is for sure one of the better attempts of combining the two different ‘planets’ into one although 1-2 less classic interpretations, replaced by Accept hymns, would have helped to keep the energy level in the venue on a constant high. Sometimes it becomes a bit too silence in the crowd with all the classic adaptations. Still a good show though to watch and enjoy.


  1. Night on Bald Mountain
  2. Scherzo
  3. Pathetiquw
  4. Double Cello Concerto in G Minor
  5. Symphony No.40 in G Minor – K.500
  6. Princess of the Dawn
  7. Stalingrad
  8. Dark Side of My Heart
  9. Breaker
  10. Swan lake
  11. Shadow Soldiers
  12. The Moldau
  13. Arabian Dance
  14. Aragonaise
  15. Metal Heart
  16. No Regrets
  17. Kill in Pain
  18. Fast as a Shark
  19. Shades of Death (Encore)
  20. Teutonic Terror (Encore)
  21. Balls to the Wall (Encore)

Location: Mehr!Theater am Grossmarkt, Hamburg, Germany

Date: April 22nd, 2019

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