CD review BLOODLOST ‘Diary of Death’

(7/10) Switzerland is known for some good rock and hard rock bands as well as their striking extreme metal scene with bands like Celtic Frost, Messiah and Triptycon in forefront. It’s not that many thrash metal bands that could gain a widened popularity beyond Swiss borders.

The legendary prog thrashers Drifter have been one of the bands that brought Switzerland on the thrash metal map and now it’s Bloodlost from Wallis that wants to take over. After having inked a deal with El Puerto Record the guys will release their fourth album early July. ‘Diary of Death’ features eleven thrash songs that are built on some inspiration of bands like Slayer Exodus and German icons Kreator.

The Fronannaz brothers and Francisco Martins did a good job when it comes to their newest delivery and the record comes with a lot of firepower. The trio seems to be hungry for metal and that’s what they state on their new record.

What might be some room for improvement though is to let loose of sticking too close to their idols. ‘The Ghost of My Way’ and ‘Zombie Attack’ with their Slayer-resque moments lack some own identity and adapt too many Slayer features. With having in mind that you shouldn’t expect a re-invention of thrash metal you still get a lot of great stuff that can be explored on ‘Diary of Death’. This longplayer includes fast and furious moments of which ‘Lord of Destruction’ is one of and also ‘Back to Cemetery’ doesn’t put the foot on the break.

A uniqueness award is out of reach for Bloodlost, but the trio has enough to offer with their musical repertoire. This album bursts with energy and lively passion for music and metal. The underground is alive.





  1. Hell Collide Heaven
  2. Need of Brutality
  3. Necromancer
  4. Evil to The Cross
  5. The Ghost of My Way
  6. Lord of Destruction
  7. Fuck You
  8. The Party Is Not Dead
  9. Bones Crusher
  10. Back To Cemetery
  11. Zombie Attack


Label: El Puerto Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: July 6th, 2018

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