CD review BATTLEROAR ‘Codex Epicus’

(8/10) Four years have gone by since Greece epic metal powerhouse Battleroar unveiled their latest longplayer. ‘Blood of Legends’ has been released in 2014 and it’s ‘Codex Epicus’ that marks the return of the band, hailing from Athens.

As with the earlier records also the newest one comprises of epic power metal that finds its inspiration with bands like Manilla Road. Therefor it’s not a real surprise that the new record includes a song with a guest appearance of Manilla Road’s Mark Shelton. ‘Sword of the Flame’ is the name of the tune that shows the entire epical passion of Battleroar. Starting slow and acoustic the tune evolves to a powerful metal hymn in the second half.

The fourth album doesn’t include a real downer. Tunes like the majestic ‘Chronicles of Might’ are fascinating. Most of the songs are kept in a more moderate a pace and it’s the faster moments that create some extra suspense. The roaring ‘Kings of Old’ is such a track that shifts gears along the way when furious leads and solos take over.

The Grade Finale is entitled ‘Enchanting Threnody’ and reminds partly of Manowar. What’s the beauty though is that Battleroar weaved in the same pathetic vibe as we know it from the NY metal pioneers and still keeps a musical excitement. There aren’t any samples or battle cries along the way. It’s the pure power of drums, bass, riffs and vocals that do the job. The closer is a real metal hymn that makes fun to listen to.

It’s not that Battleroar brings that much new to the table. The delivery comprises of traditional metal that reflects a certain trend resistance. What sounds a bit negative is actually the benefit of the album too. Battleroar doesn’t jump through hoops. Trends and modern sounds aren’t what these guys are looking for. Their strength is to unleash the power of metal and that’s what ‘Codex Epicus’ is about.





  1. Awakening the Muse
  2. We Shall Conquer
  3. Sword of the Flame
  4. Chronicles of Might
  5. The Doom of Medusa
  6. Palace and the Martyrs
  7. Kings of Old
  8. Enchanting Threnody
  9. Stronghold (Bonus)


Label: Cruz Del Sur

Genre: Epic Metal

Release Date EU: June 15th, 2018

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