CD review KHEMMIS ‘Desolation’

(8/10) Denver, Colorado – based metallists Khemmis belong to the rising stars over the last years. The quartet debut in 2015 with ‘Absolution’, followed by the sophomore album, entitled ‘Hunted’. Both records were critically acclaimed and acted as a springboard for inking a deal with no less than Nuclear Blast Records.

The decisive third album is the band’s premier in this new relationship and shows a continuation and further evolvement of Khemmis doom-based metal. ‘Desolation’, so the title of this new longplayer, features six tracks with most of them crossing the ‘six minutes line’. ‘Desolation’ showcases a band that builds on their trademarks. In this framework it’s the doomy and slower sounds that still creates the base for each of the six songs. What can be recognized though is a slight shift towards more traditional metal. Not that this is something mind-blowing new. It’s more that things get more balanced on ‘Desolation’ which works well for these six tracks.

Some riff power kicks-off the album. ‘Bloodlettering’ is great opener for the album, comprising of well-crafted vocal lines as well as merciless power chords and a heavily pounding rhythm section. While mentioning vocals; the album comes with mainly clean and melodic vocals. What’s acts like the peperoni on a pizza are the harsh vocal sections. These variations spice-up things and add an additional layer to excellent tunes like ‘The Seer’.

‘Desolation’ became a cool album. With the support of the new label, Khemmis has a great opportunity to enlarge their fan base. ‘Desolation’ with its slower and epic sound is interesting for everybody that gets excited by power metal, doom metal, epic metal – simply heavy metal. ‘Desolation’ is worth to be checked out.





  1.  Bloodlettering
  2. Isolation
  3. Flesh to Nothing
  4. The Seer
  5. Maw of Time
  6. From Ruin


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Epic Doom Metal

Release Date EU: June 22nd, 2018

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