Review KHEMMIS ‘Deceiver’

Doom metal outfit Khemmis unleashed their latest album ‘Desolation’ back in 2018 and the time is right to unveil their newest strike. ‘Deceiver’ is the title of their fourth full-length longplayer and features six songs. ‘Deceiver’ is a very emotion-laden longplayer that is perfectly reflected by each of the six songs. Khemmis isn’t known for... Continue Reading →

CD review KHEMMIS ‘Doomed Heavy Metal’

Dan, Zach, Ben and Phil, also known as Khemmis, added a new EP to their musical offer. Two years after the latest studio album 'Desolation' has been released the quartet bridges the wait for the next album with 'Doomed Heavy Metal'. The release features songs of which most has been revealed already earlier but there... Continue Reading →

CD review KHEMMIS ‘Desolation’

(8/10) Denver, Colorado – based metallists Khemmis belong to the rising stars over the last years. The quartet debut in 2015 with ‘Absolution’, followed by the sophomore album, entitled ‘Hunted’. Both records were critically acclaimed and acted as a springboard for inking a deal with no less than Nuclear Blast Records. The decisive third album... Continue Reading →

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