CD review KHEMMIS ‘Doomed Heavy Metal’

Dan, Zach, Ben and Phil, also known as Khemmis, added a new EP to their musical offer. Two years after the latest studio album ‘Desolation’ has been released the quartet bridges the wait for the next album with ‘Doomed Heavy Metal’.

The release features songs of which most has been revealed already earlier but there is with Dio’s ‘Rainbow in the Dark’ a newly recorded track on the album too. With ‘A Conversation with Death’, also a second cover song found a spot on the tracklist. Khemmis has release this tune, originally by Lloyd Chandler, already on a split single with Spirit Adrift and now available for a bigger group of fans.

‘Empty Throne’ is a six minutes doom metal anthem that has been released already via the Decible Magazine Flexi Disc series.

The bottom part of the tracklist contains three live songs, recorded in 2018 at ‘Two Nights of Doomed Heavy Metal’. If you wonder where the title and artwork of this EP has its roots, this is the answer. ‘Bloodletting’ and ‘Three Gates’ have been performed on Night One while the 9 minutes stellar version of ‘Bereaved’ ended Night Two. Each of the three recordings shows the bands powerful performance onstage in front of an enthusiastic home game audience and come with a good sound.

‘Doomed Heavy Metal’ doesn’t contain much new. It still features exciting stuff although it certainly aiming more for collectors. However, the release is a good one and shortens the wait for the next Khemmis studio album.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Rainbow in the Dark (Dio cover) 
  2. A Conversation with Death (Lloyd Chandler cover)  
  3. Empty Throne 
  4. Bloodletting (live) 
  5. Three Gates (live) 
  6. The Bereaved (live) 

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: April 17th, 2020



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