CD review DIE HAPPY ‘Guess What?’

Although having played quite some shows over the last years, a new studio album wasn’t in sight for many years. ‘Everlove’ was unleashed in 2014 and April 2020 is the month that ends the wait for fans of the German rock institution.

‘Guess What?’ is Die Happy’s ninth album and it’s out in the record shops. The band started in the later ’90s and had with ‘Supersonic Speed’ their break-through album, and single. ‘Supersonic Speed’ was the springboard for the quartet towards an impressive career with Die Happy becoming a constant player on the fields of alternative rock from Germany.

Listening to the new album feels like listening to a band that was really looking forward to get this release done. Six years are a long time and it seems like the guys are happy with being back with a longplayer that marks a continuation of their rock’n’roll adventure with new songs in their portfolio.

Older, but certainly not more silent, the band rocks through eleven new songs. It’s a cliche saying, “no fillers, just killers”, but in this case the saying is true. Singer Marta Jandová is, as usual, at really good voice, having control over her whole vocal range. Regardless if the quiet section or the energetic screams, Marta give the songs an individual touch.

Next positive news is the guitar team. The addition of Robert Kerner on second guitar helps the band to double riffpower and gives more variety to the solo parts. Last but not least it’s a next level of density that fits Die Happy’s sound very well.

As said, there isn’t a bad song on the album. Some of the tracks have been revealed already on Die Happy’s latest tour in December 2019. One of these tunes is the title track which is a varied alternative rocker that sets the tone for the album as well as it is a great song to be performed live. ‘Here I Am’ spreads an anthemic vibe while ‘Love Suicide’ covers the soulful side of Marta and Co. and so does ‘Story of Our Life’.

‘Guess What?’ finds a good balance between hard rocking smashers and touching songs being addressed to right to your heart. Die Happy uses the entire playbook of alternative rock without becoming too predictable. It’s very well-crafted music they offer, performed with passion, dedication and a hunger for new songs. Welcome back Die Happy.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Guess What?
  2. Kiss Me
  3. Here I Am
  4. Love Suicide
  5. No Tomorrow
  6. Give Me a Break
  7. Story of Our Life
  8. Die my Baby
  9. Trippin’
  10. Letter to a Friend

Label: Bullet Records

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: April 10th, 2020




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