Live report DIE HAPPY & CLOUDS., Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg – 30.12.2019

A Die Happy show in Hamburg on December 30th, that’s in the meantime a beloved tradition if you will. The German Alternative Rock band plays in Hamburg at the end of December since many years and a small break in the pattern in 2018 couldn’t stop the guys to pick up the tradition where they left off in December 2017.

This time it was Grosse Freiheit 36, the cult venue at Reeperbahn, that hosted Die Happy. Known as a quartet the band rose to a five-piece powerhouse with Robert Kerner being the second guitarist. Having him on board gives the band an even more powerful sound on stage, something the crowd in Hamburg can witness tonight.

Die Happy starts fulminant into their set with ‘Like a Flower’, Too Fast’ and ‘Fortune’ being the right songs to bring everybody into the right party mood. As not expected different it’s Marta Jandová being all over the stage. Always in motion, the iconic singer hardly stood still. Next to the great vocals, which also fill the room tonight, it is the unlimited energy during the show that reaches fans right away. A great voice, unbound energy and a talent for entertaining is what makes Marta Jandová to a real icon within the band.

Next to the fact that a Die Happy live show never disappoint it’s the new songs being a special treat tonight. After being six years without a new longplayer, the band announce their next record, number nine in their career, for April 2020. This is a great outlook for the coming ’20s and the fans at Grosse Freiheit 36 get already some first appetisers served tonight.

‘Give Me a Break’ is one of these new tunes and it’s a typical Die Happy smasher. According to Jandová she wrote the lyrics while being in a really bad mood and screaming out the ‘Give Me a Break’ chorus is the perfect way to get rid of any anger. Furthermore there are with ‘Love Suicide’ and ‘Guess What?’ two more songs on the setlist, all taken from the upcoming album. This ‘trilogy’ is a real appetiser for the ninth Die Happy album.

What more? Of course we have the classic tonight that fill the room. ‘Big Boy’ and the biggest Die Happy hit ‘Supersonic Speed’ are vital elements on any setlist of the band, all being celebrated excessively by an enthusiastic Hamburg crowd. And there is with ‘Survivor’ a Destiny’s Child cover version that hardly can be compared with the original. Die Happy turn this song upside down, a rock version that fits perfectly to the party spirit at Reeperbahn tonight.

Die Happy is back in Hamburg on December 30th. They revitalise the tradition and after having had a break in 2018, the band is back with ‘supersonic speed’ and as Marta promised, Die Happy will return in December 2020. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Not to forget in this live report is the opening act for the mini tour. Clouds., a young trio from Hamburg, gets the great opportunity to perform in front of a bigger audience. Although the sound of the trio doesn’t really fit to MHMB, they play Emo-Synthy-Rock-Pop, it was great to see the passion and dedication of the kids that obviously enjoy the experience and their 45 minutes set, and so does the audience.

Setlist Die Happy:

  1. Like a Flower
  2. Too Fast
  3. Fortune
  4. Violent Dreams
  5. Mannequin
  6. Dance For You Tonight
  7. (Rock-) Medely
  8. I Am
  9. Cherry Girl
  10. Survivor
  11. Peaches
  12. Give Me a Break
  13. Good Things
  14. Love Suicide
  15. Big Boy
  16. Rebel in You
  17. Goodbye
  18. Guess What? (Encore)
  19. Supersonic Speed (Encore)

Location: Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg, Germany

Date: December 30th, 2019

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