CD review ILLDISPOSED ‘Reveal Your Soul for the Dead’

(8/10) Danish Illdisposed is a band with a lot of willpower and stamina. The band started in 1991 in Aarhus, Denmark, and 28 years later Illdisposed is still around, with their 15th longplayer ‘Reveal Your Soul for the Dead’ that’s in the starting blocks.

Illdisposed 2019, that’s the only remaining founding member Bo Summer, who teamed-up with Jakob Batten, Onkel K. Jensen and Rasmus Schmidt to continue a journey through Death Metal, an endeavor that led to chart entries in their home country in the past.

Although being popular in Denmark, the band could never achieve a similar status in the rest of Europe. They are though a well-respected band and one thing’s for certain, Illdisposed’s music is good. As not expected any different, also the newest strike from Denmark is a sonic wrecking ball. Was it the previous release ‘Grey Sky Over Black Town’, which showed some blackened influences it is the current record that brings Illdisposed back to brute Death Metal that is not build on any compromises.

After an intro called ‘Reveal Your Soul…’ it’s ‘…For the Dead’ that unveils its deadly power right away. Illdisposed enjoys playing harsh and fierce with growls reflecting this very well. However, there is always a melodic aspect included in songs like ‘This is Our Calling For the End’, which lifts the album from a pure riff orgy to a grooving Metal release that can aim for a target group wider than solely die-hard Death Metal fans.

The album also satisfies with a great sound. Produced by the band itself it was no less than legendary Dan Swano being responsible for mix and mastering. The result is a thundering sound that brings the brutal aspect of Illdisposed songs into focus.

‘Reveal Your Soul for the Dead’ is Illdisposed’s 15th studio album and it showcases a band that’s certainly not tired. This band is still hungry when it comes to (Death) Metal and the newest addition to the books creates even extra appetite. Good stuff that reaches us from Denmark.



  1. Reveal Your Soul…
  2. …For the Dead
  3. With Hate
  4. This Is Our Calling for the End
  5. What Will I Become?
  6. We Must Endure
  7. To Sail You Away
  8. We Are One
  9. Drink It All
  10. She’s Not in Our Way
  11. All Is Sworn

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: August 23rd, 2019



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