Review GODSNAKE ‘Eye for an Eye’

Hamburg-based Godsnake launch their sophomore album ‘Eye for an Eye’ in May this year. The longplayers follows the 2020 debut album ‘Poison Throne’ and starts with a song, that has been released as a single already. ‘The Sickening’ is with six minutes running time a rather long opener. At the same time, the song represents a lot, Godsnake stand for from a musical perspective. The intro-like start of the song, the atmospheric approach, and the thundering metal riffs; all is present and indicates what to expect from ‘Eye for an Eye’.

The second tune, having been revealed prior to the album release is ‘Story of a Ghost’ which shows the thrash metal passion of the band. Fast and equipped with a haunting beat the song blasts out of the speakers. It is a wild ride; a song that is boiled down to its essence.

These two tunes are the cornerstones of the album, framing the approach of Godsnake. There are with ‘Nails in My Bed’ more thrash metal rooted tracks on ‘Eye for an Eye’. Slower but with a lot of thundering metal power comes the title track. The song, thematically about brutalization and vigilantism, is a smashing metal anthem that deserves being the name- giver for the album.

Godsnake add versatility to the mix when starting off songs with an intro approach in mind, like in the closing ‘The Tragedy of Being Late’. The band uses such a start more than just once and creates arcs of tension which benefits the flow of the album. There are always some twists to explore which breaks predictable conformity.

Godsnake deliver contemporary heavy metal with some thrash roots. Hereby the energy is what makes the difference, since what gets out of the speakers is rock solid. Well-crafted and delivered with passion, each of the ten tracks is a headbanging delight for fans of the mighty riff.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. The Sickening
  2. Apocalypse For Free
  3. Story Of A Ghost
  4. Eye For An Eye
  5. I Fear Nothing
  6. Need For Speed
  7. Stone Dead Pony
  8. Nails In My Bed
  9. Illuminated
  10. The Tragedy Of Being Late

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: May 12th, 2023




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