Review THE 69 EYES ‘Death of Darkness’

Although days get longer, and daylight takes a bigger share of the 24 hours there is always darkness too. In a season when colorful tulips start blossoming it’s The 69 Eyes that musically add the black roses to the mix.

The Finns spread their musical melancholy already since 1989 and it was the debut ‘Bump’n’Grind’ that marked the starting point of a very solid career. Underlined by sunglasses, leather jacket and eyeliner, The 69 Eyes embark with ‘Death of Darkness’ on a thrilling journey through the realms of gloomy.

One of the best tracks of the album was unveiled already in spring last year when the band droped with ‘Drive’ a new single. The song, being a hybrid of Sisters Of Mercy and Billy Idol, combined with a darkened gothic vibe is catchy and a real ear-pleaser. There is no way that the song just bypasses you since the hooks stick like tempting musical honey.

Although The 69 Eyes stick to their trademarks from the very beginning the band always entertains. There are always some little new twists that catch the listens attention. Even the rather standardized ‘California’ blossoms in black after a few times of listening. There isn’t always sunshine in California, that is what the tune expresses in a solid fashion.

‘Call Me Snake’ though is a pumping rocker that shows a proper level of heaviness, embedded in the beauty of rock’n’roll.

Dark romance is what is spread by ‘Something Real’ before ‘Sundown’ kicks in. The light-hearted rocker is certainly the most swinging ones of the album and gives free space to the creatures of the night to have a good time.

I also would like to mention ‘Gotta Rock’. A grooving bass kicks off a track that stays in midtempo and mesmerizes the listener by a hypnotic beat and an easily memorable melody.

‘Death of Darkness’ is the anticipated well-crafted new album from The 69 Eyes. Jyrki 69 and bandmates don’t change a lot when it comes to the musical expression of the band. The guys stick to their trademarks and why should they change something since their formula of success delivers since decades. At the same time the record has enough twist and versatility to entertain from start to finish. The ones that prefer black roses more than colorful tulips find a musical home with ‘Death of Darkness’.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Death Of Darkness
  2. Drive
  3. Gotta Rock
  4. This Murder Takes Two [feat. Kat Von D]
  5. California
  6. Call Me Snake
  7. Dying In the Night
  8. Something Real
  9. Sundown
  10. Outlaws

Label: Atomic Fire Records

Genre: Gothic Rock

Release Date EU: April 14th, 2023




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