Review LAST IN LINE ‘Jericho’

Last In Line found its own identity. That is what we can state after having listened to their newest strike ‘Jericho’. Of course, there is the band’s name that indicates a link to the iconic Ronnie James Dio and the line up includes some veterans that have played with one of the most influential singers in metal. However, with ‘Jericho’ the band cuts the links and presents a heavy rock album with an own identity.

Last In Line, that is Vivian Campbell, Vinny Appice, Phil Soussan and Andrew Freeman. The quartet premiered in 2015 when they release a debut album entitled ‘Heavy Crown’. ‘II’ followed and moved in parts away from the Dio-ish sounds. Now its ‘Jericho’ that shows a matured band with an own signature sound and a continuation of the approach they started with the sophomore record. There are the metallic shimmering riffs, like in ‘Bastard Son’ and that Vivian Campbell is an excellent guitarist id no news. Still the sound of the album is leaning towards heavy rock and is less metal driven as some might have expected.

When I listened to the songs the first time I had more to think of the Riverdogs debut from 1990. It starts with ‘Not Today Satan’ a rocking tune that unfolds its beauty right away. Another song that helps to get an idea about the sound of Last In Line is the pounding ‘Do the Work’; and the guys did their work. A rocking heartbeat and the outstanding voice of frontman Andrew Freeman are the main pillars this song is build upon.

‘Walls Of Jericho’ instead is more to the point. It is a straight-forward rock track, spreading a good vibe with its embedded energy. ‘Story of My Life’ is a track that has a few smaller Dio-references without copying the trademarks of the original and the same goes for the closer of the album ‘House Party at the End of the Wo’. It’s Campbell’s guitar play that act as a reference while the galloping beat drives the song forward.

‘Jericho’ is one of these records that lives by the musical freedom of the involved musicians. The longplayer gains its authenticity by the fact that Last In Line recorded songs that come straight from the heart. The guys are very established in the world of rock and metal which means that they don’t have to prove anything to anybody. With such a freedom the songs are unfolding a spell the moment one drops the needle and presses the ‘start’-button.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Not Today Satan        
  2. Ghost Town    
  3. Bastard Son               
  4. Dark Days      
  5. Burning Bridges         
  6. Do the Work  
  7. Hurricane Orlagh       
  8. Walls of Jericho                     
  9. Story of My Life                     
  10. We Don’t Run
  11. Something Wicked    
  12. House Party at the End of the World

Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Heavy Rock

Release Date EU: March 31st, 2023




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