Review LORDI ‘Screem Writers Guild’

Hallelujah, Lordi are back with a new album and those who expected great innovations will be disappointed, but those who like slightly ironically crafted horror rock will enjoy 'Screem Writers Guild'. As with the previous albums, the latest record has a title that reflects a typical Lordi neologism. In allusion to the "Screen Writers Guild",... Continue Reading →

Review SIENA ROOT ‘Revelation’

Siena is a brown-reddish hue, a very earthy and warm color. Accordingly, it is no coincidence that the four Swedes of Siena Root have incorporated this hue into their band name, as it reflects the sound of the quartet in a very good fashion. It is this warm and organic sound that makes 'Revelation' an... Continue Reading →

SIENA ROOT unveil a new song

In a few weeks Swedish rock powerhouse Siena Root unleash their 8th studio album called ‘Revelation’. One song on the eleven songs featuring tracklist is entitled ‘Keeper of the Flames’. The tune mirrors well-crafted classic rock with a lot of heart and soul embedded. What fascinates too is the David Gilmour reminding guitar which adds... Continue Reading →

THE 69 EYES will be on tour in March 2023

Finnish gothic rocker The 69 Eyes announced a European tour for March 2023 with shows in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary and Czech Republic. Next to the known classics the set will also feature songs from the upcoming new record which bis announced for spring 2023.

Review INDUCTION ‘Born from Fire’

Even though Induction's history is not too long, the band has already experienced quite a bit. Formed in 2014 in the Czech Republic as Martin Beck's Induction, the group delivered its self-titled debut album in 2019. For a band that was just taking off, the emerging pandemic was anything but beneficial. The year 2022 became... Continue Reading →

Review EPICA ‘The Alchemy Project’

Epica turned 20 this year, which the band celebrated with a brilliant live show at the legendary 013, Tilburg. Since only a limited number of fans could participate in such an event, the Dutchmen came up with something special. Epica has recorded a very exciting album called 'The Alchemy Project'. A total of seven songs... Continue Reading →

Review THE 69 EYES ‘Drive’ – EP

Finland's goth'n'rollers The 69 Eyes have been in business for more than 30 years now and man, time flies. The band debuted in 1999 with the 'Wasting the Dawn' album, which marked the beginning of an impressive career. The last studio album was released three years ago and now it was time to please fans... Continue Reading →

Review SEVENTH SEA ‘Maledictus’

'Maledictus' is the debut album of Seventh Storm, a band that has a distinct captain in Mike Gaspar. Gaspar started Seventh Storm after providing the rhythm for Moonspell for more than two decades. His new band, however, has little to do with his former employer. Perhaps it's the dark aura that may still be a... Continue Reading →

AMORPHIS & ELUVEITIE add tour dates for 2022 and 2023

Amorphis and Eluveitie add new tour dates for their co-headliner tour through Europe. Furthermore the package will be completed by Gothenburg's metal veterans Dark Tranquillity and Nailed To Obscurity. Here are the dates: AMORPHIS & ELUVEITIE2022 European Co-Headline-Tour10.11. CH Zurich - Komplex 457 *NEW*11.11. DE Filderstadt - FILharmonie13.11. IT Trezzo sull'Adda (MI) - Live Club15.11. FR... Continue Reading →

Review LESSMANN/VOSS ‘Rock is Our Religion’

When the German rock/metal icons Claus Lessmann and Michael Voss announce a new album, it raises expectations. Both musicians belong to a generation of musicians who have helped shape melodic rock/metal in Germany. Claus Lessmann, his voice is connected with Bonfire and Michael Voss is the driving force of Mad Max. Voss has also gained... Continue Reading →

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