Review QUEENSRŸCHE ‘Digital Noise Alliance’

Seattle is certainly the home of grunge. In this context it is often forgotten that many good metal bands come from the city on the American northwest coast. One of these bands is Queensrÿche which already caused a furore in the 80s. I assume that the history of the band is well known and so it was in 2012 when the band was able to gain a singer in Todd La Torre, who with his impressive voice helped to bring the group back on the road to success.

These days, the new album ‘Digital Noise Alliance’ hits the record stores. With a total of eleven new tracks, the guys pick up where they left off with ‘The Verdict’. Immediately with the first song you get the feeling to go back to the 80s. The sound of the new songs sounds like from a time, in which the band celebrated the great successes. A big part in this is producer Zeuss, with whom the band has been working since 2012. In addition, the guys have dusted off the old amps from ‘The Warning’- and ‘Rage for Order’- phase and there you go, Queensrÿche deliver an album that doesn’t have to stand behind the great records of the earlier days.

‘In Extremis’ opens the new disc and right away it becomes clear that Queensrÿche will not retire for a long time. The band is bursting with energy. The song is a very well chosen start to an album that is fun from start to finish.

‘Chapters’ follows seamlessly and also ‘Lost in Sorrow’ comes with a good portion of metal around the corner. One feels slightly reminded of the ‘Empire’ times, which in this context is to be considered as very positive.

Slower and still powerful, that is ‘Behind the Walls’. The song shows why La Torre fits so well to the sound of the Seattle-based group. Always in control of his voice and also enormously multi-faceted, this is what defines the singer and what the quintet needs.

‘Out of the Black’ is a bit more atmospheric, followed by ‘Forest’. The latter is a ballad and might be an attempt to tie in with ‘Silent Lucidity’. Well, the song is nicely done and is an emotional highlight on the album. Thematically, it is about the loss of a beloved one and how to deal with such an exceptional situation.

‘Realms’ breathes a typical Queensrÿche spirit and it is the seven-minute ‘Tormentum’ that ends an excellent record. All the way to the end, the five guys manage to live up to all their trademarks and deliver a very strong album. And if you always wanted to know how the band interprets the Billy Idol hit ‘Rebel Yell’, you should get a copy containing the bonus track.

Queensrÿche continue with ‘Digital Noise Alliance’ their journey back to old strength. It’s their best album since ‘Empire’, and while their last albums were already very enjoyable, it’s the new longplayer that shows a band that is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Two thumbs up.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. In Extremis
  2. Chapters
  3. Lost in Sorrow
  4. Sicdeth
  5. Behind the Walls
  6. Nocturnal Light
  7. Out of the Black
  8. Forest
  9. Realms
  10. Hold On
  11. Tormentum
  12. Rebel Yell (bonus track)

Label: Century Media

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: October 7th, 2022




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