Review SONJA ‘Loud Arriver’

Sonja is the brainchild of Melissa Moore. Some of you may remember her as Vic Crom and her time with Absu. The latter kicked Moore out of the band after her transgender outing, which says a lot about the band’s mindset.

Moore didn’t bury her head in the sand, however, and new willpower and creativity grew out of that disappointment. Together with former Absu tour drummer Grzesiek Czapla and Ben Brand, the guitarist/vocalist started a new band – Sonja.

‘Loud Arriver’ was already created in 2019 and is the band’s debut album. A total of eight songs found a place on the album, which shows Moore for the first time in the role of lead singer.

Not least due to the pandemic, the completion of the debut album was delayed, but also allowed Moore and bandmates to further develop the album with additional nuances. Without getting lost in details, the trio managed to complete a record bursting with energy that reflects the core of rock and metal. Worth mentioning in this context is the gritty yet snappy ‘Wanting me Dead’. Good guitar work and a humming groove make the song a felicitous and exciting metal anthem.

The other songs are in no way inferior to ‘Wanting me Dead’. ‘When the Candle Burns Low…’ is the starting point of this exciting musical journey, a song which starts calm and intense. The moment the guitars take over, the song gains heaviness and it’s an organic sound that connects the parts.

With ‘Nylon Nights’ follows a swinging track that immediately strikes a chord. The groovy ‘Pink Fog’ is just as good as the catchy ‘Fuck, The Die’ with its galloping rhythm which reminds of the sound of the NWoBHM.

The title track brings the album to a climax. ‘Loud Arriver’ is a dark anthem that reflects inner conflict and at the same time reveals a defiant ‘now more than ever’ attitude.

Sonja’s debut album should be marked on the shopping list of fans of traditional metal. The eight songs on ‘Loud Arriver’ are dark and energetic. Passion and a minor based sound, combined with a good sense for thrilling melodies is what you will find on this album. Metal can hardly be more honest and authentic.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. When the Candle Burns Low…
  2. Nylon Nights
  3. Pink Fog
  4. Wanting Me Dead
  5. Fuck, Then Die
  6. Daughter of the Morning Star
  7. Moans from the Chapel
  8. Loud Arriver

Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: September 23rd, 2022



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