Review KHOLD ‘Svartsyn’

Black is the new black. That’s how you could describe Khold’s new album ‘Svartsyn’. It was at the beginning of the new millennium when Khold started releasing albums. This also happened with some regularity until 2008 (‘Hnudre År Gammal’). But then it took until 2014, the year when Khold released ‘Til Endes’, their sixth album. After that it became quieter once again about the black metal veterans from Oslo. It seems that the cycle to a new longplayer is getting longer and longer. The good news is, the wait has an end.

With ‘Svartsyn’ Khold end an eight-year waiting period and emerge strengthened from the depths of the underworld. The four-piece kicks off heavily and meanly with ‘Apostel’ into a 40-minute journey into darkness. Rolling rhythms, massive guitars and a pitch black vibe is what immediately gives you a pleasant shiver.

‘Apostel’ is the portal into musical darkness and if you walk through it, you will discover with smashers like ‘Evig’ more black shining pearls. Khold manage to create a diabolic expression without losing themselves in raging orgies of speed. Khold prefer a moderate and sometimes even slow tempo, which strengthens the powerfulness of each track. It’s like looking into a hellish grin while the ten songs unfold all their force.

You can feel the heat of purgatory while listening to ‘Svartsyn’ and yet it feels like a comforting warmth. Khold manage to create an atmospheric density on ‘Svartsyn’ which reflects despair and the deepest depths of the human soul. This album is a highlight in the musical year 2022.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


  1. Apostel
  2. Ødslet Blod
  3. Evig
  4. Skarpretter
  5. Helligdom Av Døde
  6. Manngard
  7. Dystopi
  8. I Demonens Bok
  9. Villvandre
  10. Bryt i Udåd Ut

Label: Soulseller Records

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: June 24th, 2022




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