Review IN THE WOODS ‘Diversum’

In The Woods hail from Kristiansand, Norway and the band started back in 1991 with a focus on black metal evolving into a band that has a wide portfolio of sounds in its repertoire. Even a longer hiatus at the beginning of this millennium had not stopped In The Woods, as the band returned in... Continue Reading →

Review KHOLD ‘Svartsyn’

Black is the new black. That's how you could describe Khold's new album 'Svartsyn'. It was at the beginning of the new millennium when Khold started releasing albums. This also happened with some regularity until 2008 ('Hnudre År Gammal'). But then it took until 2014, the year when Khold released 'Til Endes', their sixth album.... Continue Reading →

Review THE DAMNNATION ‘Way of Perdition’

Thrash metal from Brazil, that sound always promising. Sepultura was the spearhead of a thrash metal movement in Brazil and these days the generation is in the starting blocks. One of these bands is The Damnnation, hailing from Sāo Paulo. The trio was founded in 2019 and consists of Renata Petrelli (vocals, guitar), Aline Dutchi... Continue Reading →

Review SARKE ‘Allsighr’

Sarke and Nocturno Culto are the driving forces of an outfit that started in 2008 in Oslo, Norway. After having added six longplayers to their list of achievements, Sarke worked on a next album that carries the title ‘Allsighr’. The band picks it up where they left off with ‘Gastwerso’ and it is still a... Continue Reading →

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