CD review GODS FORSAKEN ‘Smells of Death’

(8/10) It looks like Swedish steam hammer Gods Forsaken being on an unofficial mission. The guys want to fight the brightness of spring with morbid darkness, at least they provide a soundtrack for the ones that aren’t very much in to colours and light.

‘Smells of Death’ is the title of this deadly release, the band’s second longplayer, which features 9 songs. Already the intro to the title track doesn’t augur a positive vibe. It’s a sinister start that ends in a first musical wrecking ball.

Gods Forsaken sophomore album, which follows the debut from 2017, is packed with brutal and vigorous death metal anthems that comprises of massive riffs, merciless beats and a frontman, Jonny Petterson, that screams ones lungs out.

‘Smells of Death’ is a deadly strike that brings dark pleasure to fans of oldschool death metal the Swedish way.



  1. Smells Of Death
  2. They Crawl
  3. From The Inside They Came8)
  4. In The Pit We Shall Gather
  5. The Process Of Death
  6. Dead And Buried
  7. The Dead Laughed
  8. Birth Of Insanity
  9. The Curse Of Matul

Label: Soulseller Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: April 19th, 2019



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