CD review ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN ‘Harbringer’

(8/10) Arrival Of Autumn, that’s metal from Canada. This time it’s neither the East Coast nor the West Coast that is home to a band. Arrival Of Autumn is hailing from Alberta.

The five-piece powerhouse premiered in 2014 with ‘Shadows’, which was a self-released album that comprises of ten songs. After such a solid start it was German Nuclear Blast label that took notice of the guys from Alberta, leading to a deal and fruitful cooperation of which ‘Harbringer’ is the first delivery.

Arrival Of Autumn’s sophomore album, which ironically will be released in spring, features ten new songs, all crushing modern metal with a tendency towards metalcore. ‘Witness’ for example is a heavy pounding song that comes with a meat-cleaver riff and well-done hooks, both going together extremely well.

‘Old Bones – New Blood’ is another tune on the album that shows that band at their best. It’s a raunchy metal track with a raging rhythm and brutal riffs. ‘Symbiotic’ is a next uncompromising smasher and also ‘An Omen of Loss’ doesn’t come with a reduced level of intensity.

‘Harbinger’ doesn’t give the listener any moment of rest. The quintet pushes the pedal to the metal from start to finish line. Trivium meets Machine Head meets metalcore, that’s what Harbringer’ is about. Check it out.



  1. Hurricane of the Horizon
  2. End of Existance
  3. Witness
  4. The Horror
  5. Old Bones / New Blood
  6. Better Off Without
  7. Symbiotic
  8. Omen of Loss
  9. The Endless
  10. Apocalyptic

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Modern Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: March 22nd, 2019



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