CD review ELUVEITIE ‘Ategnatos’

(8/10) April 2019 starts very well for fans of Swiss-based Folk Metal band Eluveitie. The eight-piece band from the Alpes returns with a new studio album entitled ‘Ategnatos’, their first one since 2014 when ‘Origins’ saw the light of day.

Eluveitie belongs to the group of forerunners of folk metal and started their career in 2002. The band could score some quick successes and it was already the second longplayer ‘Salvia’ that had chart entires in Germany and Switzerland.

Over the last years Evuleitie went through some stormy waters and significant line-up changes, which slowed down productivity. A re-release of the ‘Slania’ record bridged the re-grouping phase and 2019 is the year of the band being back with full force.

‘Ategnatos’ comes with a 16-songs tracklist. This is an impressive number although the album contains three interludes too. Still you get more than one hour of typical Evuleitie metal, music that merges rude death metal with gentle female vocals, melodies and a Celtic heritage.

What is positively surprising is the fact that the band is fully back on track with their new line-up being in place. Especially the female vocals by Fabienne Erin are excellent, being a well-utilised counterpart to the harsh growls. ‘Black Water Down’ is a blistering moment that reflects the mentioned very well. The songs brings together all the Evuleitie trademarks and belongs to the best ones on the alum.

The rhythm-focussed ‘The Raven Hill’ is another song you shouldn’t miss and the same goes for the catchy ‘Ambiramus’. Towards the end it’s the anthemic ‘Breathe’ that spreads fascination from start to end while it’s the atmospheric ‘Eclipse’ that ends an album I haven’t expected to be that strong. Usually Folk Metal doesn’t belong to my favorite metal genre but I must admit that I’m impressed by this album. You might want to check out ‘Ategnatos’ too. It’s worth the effort.



  1. Ategnatos
  2. Ancus
  3. Deathwalker
  4. Black Water Down
  5. A Cry In The Wilderness 
  6. The raven Hill
  7. The Silvern Glow 
  8. Ambiramus
  9. Mine Is The Fury 
  10. The Slumber
  11. Worship
  12. Trinoxtion
  13. Threefold Death
  14. Breathe
  15. Rebirth
  16. Eclipse

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Folk Metal

Release Date EU: April 5th, 2019



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