CD review PORTA NIGRA ‘Schöpfungswut’

‘Schöpfungswut’ is the 3rd longplayer of German Black Metal outfit Porta Nigra, a band that began in 2010 in Koblenz. Four years after the sophomore release ‘Kaiserschnitt’ saw the light of day it’s the new album marking a slight change when it comes to the sound of the band.

Porta Nigra is know for avantgarde-ish Black Metal, not easy to digest and with a demand for time and focus. The new album is turning away from this approach. ‘Schöpfungswut’ is far more approachable, reflected by songs like the racing opener ‘Die Kosmiker’. The tune, as well as the entire album, is majestic and raging. That didn’t change but each of the six songs is much more of right to the point.

‘Schöpfungswut’ is dark and oppressive, created by O., Gilles de Rais and the recently joined frontman Tongue. Growls, screams and narrative sections interact in various songs, making the album to a diverse but exciting listeneing experience that takes the listener on to a gloomy journey. What adds to the approachability, making this journey a bit easier, are melodic leads, like during ‘Das Rad des Ixion’. This opens a door (or better a ‘porta nigra’) for new fans to participate in this pitch-black trip.

Last but not least, the title track. It’s one of the most uncompromising songs on the album and the rage can be felt with each note played and word growled. The density of the song is intense and there isn’t a real moment to take a breath. In the second half, vocals partly become more melodic, which doesn’t take away any of the heaviness. It’s a shorter intermezzo anyhow before the songs takes a next turn into a furious sound inferno again.

‘Schöpfungswut’ is an interesting album and the fact that it’s more spot-on shows some evolvement when it comes to Porta Nigra’s music. The guys certainly don’t stand still, which is always a good sign.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


  1. Die Kosmiker (7:44)
  2. Das Rad des Ixion (8:04)
  3. Die Augen des Basilisken (8:16)
  4. Die Entweihung von Freya (5:51)
  5. Unser Weg nach Elysium (8:12)
  6. Schöpfungswut (8:43)

Label: Soulseller Records

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: January 17th, 2020


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