Review SKILLS ‘Different Worlds’

Skills has skills at their disposal. The band, consisting of veterans of rock and metal, has all the ingredients in place to release a great album. Skills, that is Renan Zonta, Brad Gillis, Billy Sheehan, and David Huff. All four musicians bring a lot of experience to the plate and at the same time kept the flame of rock’n’roll burning throughout all these years and decades.

You guys know that I don’t like the inflationary used term ‘supergroup’ but here it fits.

‘Different Worlds’ is the title of Skills’ first release and it a superb piece of music. Eleven songs fuel the album with the spirit of rock music, starting with the melodic opener ‘Escape Machine’. The song is a good start into the album and things get even better with ‘Blame it on the Night’. The up-tempo smasher provides liveliness and a really good time. Driven by the beat of Huff and Sheehan, it is frontman Renan Zonta who can show his full arsenal of vocal abilities. High pitch screams as well as the rougher voice of rock’n’roll, that is the spectrum of the gifted singer. There could be a few more of these blazing fast songs on the album but the fact of most songs being anchored in a moderate base doesn’t impact the great quality of the tunes.

The romantic shining ballad ‘Just When I Needed You’ is a mandatory for such an album and fortunately stays out of the cliché area as good as possible. Furthermore I would like to mention the title track ‘Different Worlds’. It is a cool rocking track that unfolds its sonic attractiveness right away. Dynamic and vivid hard rock, that is what gets out of the speakers and ‘Need to Fall’ is another example for Skills riding the wave of melodic hard rock with confidence. There is also the gently rocking ‘Hearts of Stone’ with Sheehan’s bass being a crucial element, followed by ‘Don’t Break My Heart’, a song reminding of Night Ranger and Whitesnake. ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ is a good way to end an album that showcases a quartet, all being masters of their craft.

If you read the names on the line-up list expectation are sky-high when it comes to ‘Different Worlds’. After having listened to the record several times I can confirm that expectations are at least met if not even exceeded. Skills debut album is a strong statement that there is still a lot possible in the fields of hard rocking music. The moment, experience meets creativity and passion, things grow automatically, and that is the vibe ‘Different Worlds’ spread.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Escape Machine
  2. Blame It on The Night
  3. Different Worlds
  4. Losing The Track
  5. Writings On the Wall
  6. Show Me the Way
  7. Just When I Needed You
  8. Need To Fall
  9. Stop The World
  10. Hearts Of Stone
  11. Don’t Break My Heart

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: May 13th, 2022


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