Review STATIC ABYSS ‘Labyrinth of Veins’

Static Abyss is the brainchild of two death metal pioneers. Chris Reifert and Greg Wilkinson, both members of death metal legend Autopsy, worked on a project called Static Abyss. ‘Labyrinth of Veins’ is the title of the debut album; the duo releases these days. As not expected different, the ten songs on the album reflect old-school death metal in excellence. Reifert’s deep growls and Wilkinson’s racing fast leads are a key ingredient of an album that has the potential of being real threat for your neck muscles. Headbanging can’t be avoided whole listening to tracks like the massive ‘Mandatory Cannibalism’. The song is an exciting one, also because of the slower pace. Well done breaks add some furious moments but there are also the nearly doom-paced in the middle, showing the entire versatility death metal can offer. Since all the elements fit together in perfection proves, that the guys are masters of their craft.

Static Abyss plays fast and furious. Still, each of the songs has more to offer than pure speed only. There are a lot of pace-breaks and twists. Those are perfectly placed to avoid monotony, and at the same time add to a sinister and oppressive vibe. These two guys had and have an exact idea about how this longplayer should sound and the managed to combine death- and doom metal to a great whole.

‘Labyrinth of Veins’ is a musical wrecking ball, an unstoppable freight train. Fans of brutal metal with roots in the early days of California death metal should have this album on the radar.  These two guys know what their musical vision is and they accomplish it without a compromise.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Feasting on Eyes
  2. Nothing Left to Rot
  3. You Are What You Kill
  4. Mandatory Cannibalism
  5. Labyrinth of Veins
  6. Jawbone Ritual
  7. Contort Until Death
  8. Tectonic Graveyard
  9. Morgue Rat Fever
  10. Clawing to The Top of the Dead

Label: Peaceville

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: April 22nd, 2022



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