Review THE NEST ‘Her True Nature’

Belgian metal outfit Wolvennest played two sets at Roadburn Redux 2021. While the band played a regular set on day 3 it was The Nest that brought a new aspect to forefront one day earlier. The commissioned piece was written on the occasion of Roadburn Redux 2021 and will be released on April 8th, 2022 as a limited CD/DVD set.

Wolvennest is no stranger to Roadburn. The band played at the legendary festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands a couple of times and what the band had on their agenda for April 17th, 2021 was special. The band grew to a real collective under performed under the moniker of The Nest a very special set in Tilburg.

‘Her True Nature’ is the banner of this exclusive show. Wolvennest has been the core of this collaboration that also included guest. Tommie Ericksson (Saturnalia Temple), Raven Van Dorst (Dool), Alan Averill (Primordial, Dread Sovereign), Bones (Dread Sovereign) and Alexander von Meilenwald (The Runins Of Beverast) have been all part of this special night in Tilburg.

Almost to date one year later, Van Records releases a limited CD/DVD package that contains the studio version on CD as well as the Tilburg performance on DVD.  

‘Her True Nature’ is a dark and psychedelic sound experiment that impresses. The first thing that stands out is the mammoth guitar power. Wolvennest usually features a line-up with three guitarists and the fact of Dread Sovereign’s Bones joining creates an even denser wall of riffs. Mostly kept in lower pace, the collaboration creates a spectacular and gloomy atmosphere with songs like the hypnotic title track being a melancholic masterpiece. Mourning and grief are the main emotions, nurtured by doom metal riffs and repetitive song structures. The same time, the songs are extremely heavy with roaring guitars as the centerpiece. Basically, you can pick each of the songs and it might be ‘We Are One’ the gives the best overview when it comes to the musical bandwidth of The nest.

‘Her True Nature’ reflects the typical Roadburn sound. In a time when the colorful spring starts with tulips wrapping the whole of The Netherlands into colorful landscapes there is Tilburg and the gloomy Roadburn festival as a counterpart. The Nest fits perfect into this context since the only flowers allowed are black roses/tulips. The rest of the colorful outside is absorbed and turns into infinite darkness, at least for one weekend every spring.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Thalatian Vibe
  2. Her true Nature
  3. We Are One
  4. Vague à l’âme
  5. The Way of all Flesh
  6. Altar
  7. Le Feu

Label: Van Records

Genre: Occult/Doom Metal

Release Date EU: April 8th, 2022


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