Review THE NEST ‘Her True Nature’

Belgian metal outfit Wolvennest played two sets at Roadburn Redux 2021. While the band played a regular set on day 3 it was The Nest that brought a new aspect to forefront one day earlier. The commissioned piece was written on the occasion of Roadburn Redux 2021 and will be released on April 8th, 2022... Continue Reading →

DVD review TRIPTYKON With The METROPOLE ORKEST ‘Requiem (Live at Roadburn)’

'Requiem (Live At Roadburn 2019)' shows in perfection how creativity can be used to challenge existing frames without losing its own core. Filmed with various cameras, this release transports music and spirit of a unique concert right into your living room. It's jaw-dropping music and you can see it with fan reactions. Instead of being a wild crowd, rapt fans fill the sold-out big hall at 013 and it was enthusiastic, but also respectful cheering that rewarded Warrior, Triptykon and everybody involved for all the effort put into this project. Impressive.

Tom G. Warrior returns to ROADBURN to perform CELTIC FROST/TRIPTYKON Requiem in full

Triptykon will return to Roadburn Festival in 2019 to perform the complete Celtic Frost/ Triptykon three part Requiem, complete with orchestral accompaniment.  Having previously performed at the festival in 2010 and 2014 with Triptykon, and taken on curatorship duties for the former (selecting bands such as Sarke and Thorr's Hammer to perform); it's our pleasure to welcome... Continue Reading →

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