CD review THE RUINS OF BEVERAST ‘The Thule Gromoires’

‘The Thule Grimoires’ is the new album from Aachen’s death/black metal outfit The Ruins Of Beverast. In tradition with the previous albums, five in total, the new longplayer is also not a burst of joyfulness but a gloomy delight.

The dark adventure of The Ruins Of Beverast has its beginning in 2003 and after a partnership with Ván Records was fixed, nothing could stop the release of the ‘Unlock the Shrine’ debut.

The new album ‘The Thule Grimoires’ is a next sign of life of the band after four years of waiting and it offers more than an hour of musical excitement that fits perfectly to the dark January/February days. Gloom and darkness are the main components of The Ruins Of Beverast, which are perfectly set in scene on the fifth album. Each of these songs looks into the abyss of tristesse, which is intensified by almost endless repetition, as in ‘Polar Hiss Hysteria’. At the same time the band goes to work with a lot of atmosphere and ambience. It is not the raging black metal sounds that dominate. If you take the opener ‘Ropes Into Eden’ as an example, you can see that these elements are woven in, but they are not the main ingredient. The Ruins Of Beverast relies on atmospheric density, which is fully reflected in songs like ‘The Tundra Shines’ and is even topped with ‘Kromlec’h Knell’. The latter reminding in the second half of Type O’Negative, which isn’t a bad reference.

In summary, we can state that ‘The Thule Grimoires’ is a highlight of 2021. The seven songs captivate by their sad beauty, a lament in seven acts you might not want to miss.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Ropes Into Eden
  2. The Tundra Shines
  3. Kromlec’h Knell
  4. Mammothpolis
  5. Anchoress In Furs
  6. Polar Hiss Hysteria
  7. Deserts To Bind And Defeat

Label: Ván Records

Genre: Black-/Dark Metal

Release Date EU: February 5th, 2021


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