CD review LAKE OF TEARS ‘Ominous’

Compared to the colorful cosmic trip of ‘A Crimson Cosmos’, the newest Lake Of Tears album appears dark and gloomy. It seems like a gigantic black hole absorbed all the colors and what remains is a cold and dark universe.

It has been rather quiet about Lake Of Tears for the last ten years. ‘Illwill’ was released in 2011 and fans were excitedly waiting for a new album from Lake Of Tears. The wait has an end as Daniel Brennare releases a new album which brings nine new songs from the depths of the universe to terrestrial daylight.

‘Ominous’ is the title of the new Lake Of Tears longplayer, which reveals with ‘At the Desitination’ a rather swinging beginning. Equipped with a distinctive gothic touch, the track reminds of bands like Sisters Of Mercy. In strong contrast is the following tune. ‘In Wait and in Worries’ is a slow and melancholic track which fits relatively well to the dark winter days. ‘Lost in a Moment’ rounds off the first third of the album. Again, ‘hope’ is not the main drive. Slowly, but driven by a firm beat, the song rolls out complete emotional darkness. In the middle part Brennare uses elements of David Bowie’s ‘Spacy Oddity’, which can be regarded as a very successful cross-reference.

‘Ominous too’ is another song which puts emotional depth before heaviness and one is tempted to say that sadness can certainly express a beauty. ‘Ominous too’ builds-up power in the second half, without changing the basic mood. Although here and there an even danceable groove bursts out, it is in general more the end of existence which is in the foreground on ‘Ominous’.

‘Ominous’ puts a black veil around the listener’s soul. Gloom and doom, that is what this album is built on and that Brennare skillfully puts all into scene is beyond doubt. If you want to devote yourself to the COVID-blues and/or escape from the coming spring, then you should certainly listen to ‘Ominous’.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. At the Destination
  2. In Wait and in Worries
  3. Lost in a Moment
  4. Ominous one
  5. Ominous too
  6. One Without Dreams
  7. The End of This World
  8. Cosimic Dailor
  9. In Gloom (Bonus Track)

Label: AFM

Genre: Dark Metal

Release Date EU: February 19th, 2021



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