Even in times of facemasks The Neptune Power Federation manage to inhale the pure spirit of rock’n’roll. The Australian powerhouse isn’t a new player when it comes to rock and metal. The Australians have already four albums under the belt of which ‘Memoirs of a Rat Queen’ was the latest full-length record to date. With packed suitcases and being ready to promote the album live on stage. The Neptune Power federation had to rework their plans since touring wasn’t possible.

To not sit still and waste time, the band unleashed with ‘Can You Dig Europe 2020’ a four-song EP with cover versions of two of their favorite bands – Rainbow and Queen. This release was great way to bridge the wait for anew longplayer which is now in the starting blocks.

Screaming Loz Sutch (v), Search and DesTroy (g), Inverted CruciFox (g), Jaytanic Ritual (b) and River Sticks (d) worked on new songs of which eight rock hymns found a spot on the tracklist of album number five.

‘Le Demon De L’Amour’ is the title of this heavy rock feast, an album that includes more energy than any energy drink ever could provide. The first song that was unveiled a few weeks ago is ‘My Precious One’. The tune is a great choice and contains all a single release should feature. With three minutes running time, ‘My Precious One’ is straight to the point. No frills, just a thrill. Solid riff power, great vocals and a groove that puts a spell on you, that is ‘My Precious One’.

The song is the second one on the album and follows the opener ‘Weeping on the Moon’. The starting point of ‘Le Demon De L’Amour’ is a cool and nasty rocker, but also more than just that. Starting with a powerful groove and magic riff, the song spreads its rock vibe right away. With eight minutes though, the opener is by far the longest track on the album and it is a rave decision to start with such an epos. Besides that, ‘Weeping on the Moon’ includes all one can ask from The Neptune Power Federation. The song is more than just a standard rock blast. There are many layers weaved into these eight minutes and although the general spirit is initiated by rock’n’roll, some inspiration from bands like Queen can be denied when listening to this heavy rocking tune. The Neptune Power federation doesn’t stick solely to the verse-bridge-chorus formula. There are more things that are important to the quintet, reflected by the details that unveil themselves when listening to opener, but also album, several times. Each of these eight tracks grows with every listening.

To round off the variety of The Neptune Power Federation means also to mention the funky ‘Baby You’re Mine’. With an almost disco-inspired beginning, the song evolves to a cool song that adds another color to the sound of these five Australians. Song like ‘Emmaline’, with the hard rocking guitars, contrast with ‘Baby You’re Mine’ and still fit excellently into the context of ‘Le Demon L’Amour’.

To sum up. The Neptune Power Federation add with their fifth album a great piece of music to their list of achievements. Hopefully 2022 allows that band to hit the road again, because these songs sound great on an album but certainly unfold their full potential when being performed live on stage in a beer-soaked club.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Weeping on the Morn
  2. My Precious One
  3. Baby You’re Mine
  4. Loving You Is Killing Me
  5. Stay with Thee
  6. Emmaline
  7. Madly in Love
  8. We Beasts of the Night

Label: Cruz Del Sur

Genre: Hard-/Heavy Rock

Release Date EU: February 18th, 2022



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