Review DARK MILLENNIUM ‘Acid River’

‘Acid River’ is the title of Dark Millennium’s fifth longplayer and ‘seven’ is a figure that describes the album well. There are seven songs on the tracklist and each of them is beyond a seven-minute finishing line. And release date is on January 7th.

Besides this little sidenote, ‘Acid River’ is built on a storyline. The album isn’t exactly a concept album but consists of songs that are theme-wise connected.  Each of the songs is related to a main theme which is about the occult world entering reality.

Musically, ‘Acid River’ is created on death metal roots, enriched by a partly melodic approach and a constantly dark spirit. The things is, that the album doesn’t fully convince with originality and after a while also shows some length. Although the band tries to add some twists and turns the general impression is that there is a lot of standards weaved into the songs. The surprising elements is what is lacking, and growls don’t leave a certain frame.

‘Acid River’ is an album that showcases and band with passion for what they are doing. It also shows the willingness to create a good flow and variation throughout the seven songs, just realizing the ambition didn’t fully succeed this time.

Rating: 6 out of 10.


  1. The Verger
  2. Godforgotten
  3. Threshold
  4. Lunacy
  5. Essence
  6. Vessel
  7. Death Comes in Waves

Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: January 7th, 2022


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