Review THE THREE TREMORS ‘Guardian of the Void’

“Ripper”, “The Tyrant” and The Hell Destroyer”, all three nicknames of excellent metal singers. Tim Owens, Harry Conklin and Sean Peck, these are the names of the guys that share the vocal duties and being the driving force behind The Three Tremors.

The 2019 debut album was the first release from this powerful-voice trio and the sophomore album aims for continuation of what started two years ago. Twelve powerful heavy metal hymns is what is carried by the album. Positioned somewhere between Judas Priest and Jag Panzer, the trio ignites the metal flame right away with the furious opener ‘Bone Breaker’. This heavy pounding metal anthems sets the tone of voice for the album. Straight-to-the-point heavy metal without frills and gimmicks, that is what the album offers from start to finish.

Many of the tracks on ‘Guardian of the Void’ are uptempo headbangers but there are also quite some tunes that operate in moderate pace. The anthemic ‘Frailty’ is such a tune, an ear-pleaser built on a good melody and Priest-laden riffs. Talking about riffs means also to mention Casey Trask and Dave Garcia, the riff masters of The Three Tremors. Without the powerful twin guitars and the hard working rhythm section none of the songs would shine in metallic brightness. A song that reflects it very well is the great ‘Catastrophe’ with the murderous riff and the singers at their best.

Two things, that is what makes The Three Tremors standing out from many other metal bands – experience and passion. This album is existing because the guys wanted it and they wanted it to sound exactly that way. The guiding principle is the passion for metal beyond any commercial trends or hypes. In a world that is changing rapidly it is this kind of releases soothing the surprises of daily life, a musical anchor in a world where the only certainty is uncertainty.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Bone Breaker
  2. Guardians of the Void
  3. Kryptonian Steel
  4. Crucifier
  5. I Can’t Be Stopped
  6. Fraity
  7. Operation Neptune’s Spear
  8. Chained to the Oar
  9. Catastrophe
  10. Wickedness and Sin
  11. The Fall of Rome
  12. War of Nations

Label: Steel Cartel

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: December 3rd, 2021




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