Review NEKROMANT ‘Temple of Haal’

Some of you might know Nekromant as Serpent, the moniker the trio used between 2012 and 2016. The band released as Serpent two longplayers before transforming into Nekromat. Two additional records have been released of which one was the 2018 live album ‘The Nekromant Live’.

With ‘Temple of Haal’ the next studio-album is waiting in line, the first countable result after having inked a deal with Despotz Records. Nekromant mention bands like Pentagram and the mighty Black Sabbath as a source of inspiration what leads to the impression of dealing with a doom metal band. Now, there are many doom metal ingredients used for the songs on this album, although I would say the traditional heavy metal with an epic component is more what is delivered on ‘Temple of Haal’. ‘The Woods’ as an example is a thundering metal track that reminds of the NWoBHM.

The slow and heavy tones though reflect the doom metal base with songs like the heavily riff based ‘Olórin’s Song’, a slower paced steamroller with a pounding snail-paced beat. Tempo-wise similar and still with a slightly different expression, that is the title track ‘Temple of Haal’. Excellent tempo-changes, big melodies and a dark vibe, that all swings with the title track that is rightfully the name-giver for Nekromant’s fourth studio album.

Nekromant deliver with their newest workpiece a great longplayer that shows passion for riff power and a good sense for melodies in a heavy and dark metal context. Fans of traditional heavy metal should check out what the Swedes deliver with ‘Temple of Haal’. These songs are a delight for headbangers.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Sileni
  2. The Woods
  3. Olórin’s Song
  4. Nekrolith
  5. Vaenir Dreams
  6. King Serpent
  7. Häckle Klint
  8. Temple of Haal
  9. Behind the Veil of Eyes

Label: Despotz Records

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: December 3rd, 2021




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