POLTERGEIST will release ‘The Demos’ in January

Poltergeist belong to the to the first wave of European thrash metal band. After a renaming process from Carrion to Poltergeist in 1986, V.O. Pulver and bandmates unleashed the ‘Poltergeist’ demo one year later. A second demo, ‘Writing on the Wall’, followed in 1988 and both tapes have been the springboard for the band to ink a contract with Century Media, the label that published the debut album ‘Depression’.

On January 14th, 2022, Vic Records re-releases the two demos under the header of ‘The Demos’. The release includes all six songs plus the intro of ‘Poltergeist’. This also includes the guest appearance of Schmier and Harry on ‘Writing on the Wall’. Together with some extensive liner notes by Olivier Badin (Dark Funeral, Cathedral), the release is aiming for collectors and the core of Poltergeist’s fanbase.

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