BENEDICTION’s David Ingram announces new death metal band

Iconic Benediction frontman Dave Ingram announces an new metal band, Hellfrost And Fire. Inspired by the legendary Celtic Frost, Ingram and his new band (Rick “Dennis” DeMusis (g/b), Travis Ruvo (d)) recorded ten songs, being the tracklist of ‘Fire, Frost and Hell’, the debut album. Release date of the debut is scheduled for March 18th, 2022 and the longplayer will come via Transcending Obscurity Records.

As a little extra the album also features song enriched by solo parts of Memoriam guitarist Scott Fairfax.

All this sounds promising and it feels like March will face a cool death metal release with a solid old-school spirit and vibe.

  1. Legion Of Hellfrost And Fire
  2. Black Secrets In The Splintering Walls
  3. Across The Bridge Of Tyrants 
  4. Meridian’s Acquisition 
  5. The Lost King And The Heir Apparent 
  6. A Crown Of Conquest 
  7. Debris Wrought From Winter 
  8. Sonance Of The Swords 
  9. Throne Of Infinite Illusion 
  10. Within And Without The Emperor’s Frontier

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