JASON ALDEAN – rock power with country music roots

This time we leave the paths of heavy metal a bit and turn more to (Southern-)rock music. Jason Aldean from Macon, Georgia feels at home in country music and started his career with a self-titled debut album in 2005. If you look at the awards and sales statistics, you can see that Aldean has done everything right.

The musician is releasing his new studio album ‘Macon’ these days. Ten new tracks and five live recordings, that’s ‘Macon’, an album that relies less on hard guitars but rather builds on some rock and earthy tones. Country music takes a back seat here as well as crunchy rocking riffs. It’s the soulful and warm aspect of rock music that makes songs like ‘Stay for Another Glass’ and ‘This Bar Don’t Work Anymore’ smooth tunes that are an ideal soundtrack for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. The latter song and a good whiskey, that certainly goes well together.

That Aldean is also a good live act is shown by the five live recordings, which are located at the end of the album. Recorded in five different cities, these tracks are a good finale to an album that might appeal to one or the other of you.

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