Review LUCIFER ‘Lucifer IV’

The first time that my attention was directed towards Lucifer was when the band opened for Paradise Lost. That was back in 2015 and I had the chance to witness the band performing live in Utrecht, The Netherlands. A lot happened since then.

At the time, the driving forces behind Lucifer was Johanna Sadonis, one of the two girls from The Oath, and Gaz Jennings, known from Cathedral. The earlier is still crucial for the band while the latter left Lucifer in 2017. Since Andrew Prestridge parted ways with Lucifer too it was up to Sadonis to either stop the band or regroup with a significantly adjusted new line-up. The singer decided to go for the second option and found with Nicke Andersson a perfect partner in crime. Next to Andersson, who took over the seat behind the drumkit, also Martin Nordin (Dead Lord), Alex Mayr (in the meantime replaced by Harald Göthblad) and Robin Tidebrink (in the meantime replaced by Linus Björklund) joined and after having found with Century Media a new label for next releases, everything was settled to work on the sophomore album.

Lucifer make it easy for fans when it comes to the names of longplayers since they are simply numbered. What started with ‘Lucifer I’ faces these days with ‘Lucifer IV’ a next addition to the discography and includes with . A total of eleven new songs represents the most mature Lucifer to date. In a way, the album is a logical continuation of what the band stands for – dark heavy rock with a lot of doom metal references. It’s not that the music scene is lacking bands with a retro charm and occult rock isn’t a new genre either. What makes Lucifer special is the combination of various styles that fit together very well. ‘Wild Hearses’ is a prefect ambassador for this variety that band stands for and it doesn’t surprise that the song was the first single, taken from the album. Slo-mo riffs with a Sabbathian vibe, plus the excellently presented vocals by Sadonis, make song and album to a superb expedition through the darkened landscapes of rock.

What certainly benefited the flow of the album is that Sadonis and Andersson shared song writing responsibilities with their bandmates. Mainly the two guitarists have been part of creating the songs for ‘Lucifer IV’ which brought other perspectives into the mix without adjusting the framework and trademarks of Lucifer’s sound.

‘Lucifer IV’ is a next chapter in the band’s so far successful storyline and has the potential to largen the fanbase. People who like well-crafted rock music with a dark and gloomy vibe should have this band (and album) on their radar.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Archangel Of Death
  2. Wild Hearses
  3. Crucifix (I Burn for You)
  4. Bring Me His Head
  5. Mausoleum
  6. The Funeral Pyre
  7. Cold As a Tombstone
  8. Louise
  9. Nightmare
  10. Orion
  11. Phobos

Label: Century Media

Genre: Doom Metal

Release Date EU: October 29th, 2021




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