CD review LUCIFER ‘Lucifer III’

Although Stockholm is their homebase, Lucifer is an international Rock act with roots in Berlin, Germany. Lucifer is the brainchild of Johanna Sadonis who penned the first album together with Cathedral's Garry Jennings. Line-up changes in 2016 brought new players on board with veteran Nicke Andersson becoming an important musical partner for Sadonis. With Andersson... Continue Reading →

CD review LUCIFER ‘Lucifer II’

(8/10) Pleasant anticipation is what grew during the last days and weeks, waiting for Lucifer‘s new album. After having released the debut in 2015 the band, and especially singer Johanna Sadonis, had to face a situation of change. Guitarist Gaz Jennings left the band and Sadonis needed to adjust and renew Lucifer. What would be... Continue Reading →

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