CD review LUCIFER ‘Lucifer II’

(8/10) Pleasant anticipation is what grew during the last days and weeks, waiting for Lucifer‘s new album. After having released the debut in 2015 the band, and especially singer Johanna Sadonis, had to face a situation of change. Guitarist Gaz Jennings left the band and Sadonis needed to adjust and renew Lucifer. What would be the effect of this change on the new album was the main question, and who would fill the gap?

The singer could gain no less than Swedish rock and metal icon Nicke Andersson for working with her on the sophomore Lucifer album.  Next to Andersson‘s contribution, Lucifer also inked a deal with Century Media and ‚Lucifer II‘ is the first album that results out of this new collaboration.

Like mentioned earlier, to what extend would these adjustments effect Lucifer‘s sound. The answer is that things shifted from the doom metal alignment of the debut towards classic rock. ‚California Son‘, the opener, states this move very quickly and clearly. The darkness of the debut has turned into a smoothly rock vibe that feels light-hearted compared to what the band offered with the first release. 

That Lucifer still has some doom metal floating through their veins is what they show towards the end. The closer ‚Faux Pharao‘ brings back the vibe from the debut with slow riffs and Sadonis taking vocals. 

Not only due to their position on the tracklist, opener and closer are cornerstones of the renewed Lucifer. They stand for the entire width of  band and the album’s sound, with everything inbetween being a bit closer to the opener or the grand finale.

To sum up: Lucifer unveiled with their sophomore album a shift from doom metal to classic rock. What acts as the glue between both is the psychedelic vibe that‘s embedded in both releases. I personally would have wished for some additional moments of slower doom metal, but that‘s more my preference than anything else. In general I can conclude that Lucifer added a very well done classic rock album to their discography. Greyish clouds made space for some brighter moods.





  1. California Son
  2. Dreamer
  3. Phoenix
  4. Dancing With Mr. D
  5. Reaper On Your Heels
  6. Eyes In The Sky
  7. Before The Sun
  8. Aton
  9. Faux Pharaoh


Label: Century Media

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: July 6th, 2018

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